Karen Testerman10/24/13

Karen’s monologue.

Ed Naile10/21/13

Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers brings us up to date on Vote stealing in NH and how the investigation is progressing. www.cnht.org

Congressman, Dr. Phil Roe10/14/13

Congressman, Dr. Phil Roe (R-TN)  presents an alternative to ObamaCare utilizing health savings accounts.  Along with other House conservatives, Rep. Roe submits the “American Heath Care Reform Act.” http://rsc.scalise.house.gov/solutions/rsc-betterway.htm  

James Taylor10/7/13

James Taylor of the Heartland Institute discusses global warming and other climate change issues.  Jamestaylorpolicy.com

Karen Testerman10/3/13

Karen’s monologue. 

Karen Testerman9/30/13

Matt Southerton discusses the current occurrences with Charter Schools.

Karen Testerman9/26/13

Karen’s monologue.

Ann Marie Banfield


Anne Marie Banfield, Education Liaison for Cornerstone Policy Research gives an update on the upcoming forum on Common Core and George Lutz, Gold Star Father talks about Honor and Remember.

kevin kookogey


Kevin Kookogey is the head of Lynchpins of Liberty, a conservative group out of Tennessee. Kevin’s group was one of those harassed by the IRS.

Dr. Katherine Albrecht


Dr. Katherine Albrecht, author of Spy Chips, discusses voter identification, protecting our liberties and privacy.

Karen Testerman


Karen discusses IRS intimidation, rights, responsibilities and liberties, Syria.

Ann Marie Banfield


Anne Marie Banfield, Education Liasion for Cornerstone Policy Research and Doris Hohensee talking about Common Core, funding, assessments, and technology tracking.

Maria Espinoza


Maria Espinoza  co-founded The Remembrance Project in order to bring the focus back to our families.  One of their initiatives, the Stolen Lives Quilt initiative honors and remembers Americans killed by illegal aliens.

Kevin Harbison


Interview with Kevin Harbison, Squadron Commander at Civil Air Patrol

Kathy Rago


Interview with Kathy Rago, Area Coordinator of Network for Education Opportunity 

Laura Condon


Interview with Laura Condon, NH’s Voice for Vaccine Choice and a member of the National Vaccine Information Center

Kevin Smith



Kevin Smith fills in for Karen – Joined by Jennifer Horne 

Kathy RagoDoris Hohensee


Interview with Kathy Rago of Network for Education Opportunity and Doris Hohensee of NH Families for Education

Loren Spivack



Interview with Loren Spivack, Author of The New Democrat

Jim Nute


Interview with Jim Nute, Executive Director of the Mayhew Program

 Dr. Julianne Coopermary murphy2/7/2013

Interview with Mary Murphy, Financial Expert, and Dr. Julianne Cooper of Liberty Harbor Academy

Brad Brandon


Interview with Pastor Brad Brandon of Minnesota for Marriage, a coalition of leaders who support Minnesota’s definition of marriage as the unique union of one man with one woman.


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